Milani Product Review!

Milani Product Review

So about a week ago, I was walking through Meijer (very unusual for me) and decided to take a stroll through their makeup aisles, when suddenly I found Milani! I had heard so much about this brand but I couldn’t find it anywhere! No Target or Walmart around me sells it and I literally almost screamed when I found the section! I went a little crazy for me and bought four different products to try and want to tell you what I think!

First, I’ll start with the product I was most excited about, the Milani Baked Blush! I decided to go for the color 05 Luminoso. It is an absolutely GORGEOUS pinky-peachy shade, (perfect for summer), and it has a little bit of shimmer which I love! I think the packaging is beautiful, but feels a little cheap. I’m afraid when I open it, that the lid is going to break off!

The next product to catch my eye was the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow, and I debated between the shades 02 Bella Sand and 03 Bell Cappuccino, and ultimately went for the first. After trying it out, I wish I would have bought Bella Cappuccino instead! Bella Sand is just too gold for my liking! I’m not sure why they call it a “Gel Powder” though, to me it feels and acts like any other pressed shadow!

My favorite product of all the ones I bought would be the Shadow Eyez stick shadow, in the shade 03 Champagne Toast. It is wonderfully shimmery with a metallic finish to it and it’s super easy to apply because of how creamy it is. I love using it as a base for other shadows and as an inner corner highlight! The color is exactly as it says, champagne! So beautiful.

The last product I have to talk about is the Milani Easybrow. Since I have very dark hair, I purchased the shade Dark Brown. It’s honestly a little too dark for my preference, but I love the product otherwise! The packaging reminds me of the Anastasia Brow Wiz, with a spooly brush on one end and a very fine tipped applicator on the other. It goes on super easy, and looks really natural, especialy after using the spooly.

So far, I think Milani is a great brand, and they have SO MANY other products I could (and probably will) try! I am excited to see what else they have and until then, I am excited to continue to use the products I currently have!